Peace Rhino!


Introducing the CentrePeace Peace Rhino!  This fantastic piece of art was completed by Nik, a visitor to the Centre, James, leader of our Art for Relaxation Group and several other volunteers.  The side pictured here was completed by Nik who, tragically, has passed away since it was completed.  Our love and thoughts are with his family and we are so very grateful that he gave so freely of his time and effort to help create this.

This is the side completed by James and other volunteers.  Aren't we lucky to have such talent in our midst?!
On 29th July, the Herald Express will be publishing where all the rhinos will be located.  In October they will be spending a few days at the zoo and Babbacombe Model Village, then 'Reggie' will be coming home to CentrePeace.