Calling all gardeners – skilled or just enthusiastic!  CentrePeace has acquired an allotment which Matt Howe has kindly volunteered to manage for us.  He needs some help, though, and we would be most grateful if anyone interested would please get in touch.  Phone CentrePeace on 01803 550720 or email info@centrepeace.org.uk.  We look forward to hearing from you!

The great thing about our plot is that it’s already productive!  With some weeding and a little more planting, we could be using our own veggies in the café for some time to come!

The staff and volunteers at CentrePeace wanted a project to benefit our work whilst generating further our feeling of being one big family. The penny mountain idea has proved to be perfect for this purpose as it costs each of us little while together we witness the growth of our pile. We trust that the reputation of our efforts will spread far and wide, that new friends will hear of it and call in to add to it. New friends are always welcome.......

Many of you will already know Kelsang Pawo, our Buddhist Monk friend, who has supported CentrePeace from the very beginning. However, many of you will not know that he is also an artist. Pawo says that his paintings are inspired by the cartoonist Giles, the novels of Tom Sharpe and the work of CentrePeace, and describes the comic style of his work as depicting the chaos and confusion of life as he sees it.

The collection of eight unique and highly colourful paintings is to be auctioned on Sunday 31st August 2014. Proceeds will be donated directly to CentrePeace, enabling us to continue our community work for the benefit of those in crises in Paignton. 

A word from Kelsang Pawo:
“How wonderful it is to be a witness to human kindness and the pure generosity that is displayed by those behind the CentrePeace project. It is not enough to simply admire the efforts of others. We must ask ourselves what it is that we can do to help them. I pray the paintings will sell for a great deal of money with every penny raised being of use to those in need within the bay. CentrePeace is a wonderful organisation that I greatly admire and thank you to ROC Creative for helping us set up on the day.” Come along everybody and enjoy a happy auction with us

Auction Day information:
Venue: 56 Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 3HF
Doors open from 11am for viewing
Auction commences at 4pm
For further information contact
To speak to Pawo direct: 07769 665146
CentrePeace: Tel: 01803 550720
Email: info@centrepeace.org.uk