<![CDATA[CentrePeace - Latest News]]>Mon, 18 Sep 2017 18:29:19 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Apologies!]]>Mon, 18 Sep 2017 14:00:56 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/apologiesOur sincere apologies that the site hasn't been updated, with regard to news, for some time.  We're still busy - in fact it is that business that often prevents us doing all that we'd like on the admin side!  The needs of our visitors and volunteers are of paramount importance to us and, very often, that leaves only enough time for the basic and required admin and not all of what we'd like to do!

On that note - we are always looking for volunteers in all areas of our work, so if you have some time and/or expertise you could share, we would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, please call the centre on 01803 550720 if you would like current details of what we can offer.
<![CDATA[Fun of the Fayre!]]>Thu, 15 Sep 2016 15:07:34 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/fun-of-the-fayre
<![CDATA[Summer Fayre Success!]]>Thu, 15 Sep 2016 14:32:02 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/summer-fayre-successPicture
The heavens looked kindly upon us and it was dry for this year's fayre!  Once again, thanks to the hard work of volunteers and entertainers (who also gave their time freely), we had a wonderful day.  Entertainers included singers Terri-Kate Lee and Lea Millman, local rappers and a group from Roc Creative.  Many thanks to them all and to DJ Pete who kept us entertained between acts!

Goodies galore to eat as well as lots of stalls, offering games, tombola and even Thai massage and a chance to have a clairvoyant reading!  Everyone worked extremely hard and we took a fantastic amount of £970.  Thanks to everyone who spent money too!  A boost to the coffers, like this, means that we can go on offering all sorts of support to the local community, free of charge.

<![CDATA[CentrePeace Paignton is looking for volunteers! Can you help?]]>Sun, 07 Aug 2016 09:56:21 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/centrepeace-paignton-is-looking-for-volunteers-can-you-helpPicture
Do you have a desire to help others? Can you be flexible? Are you compassionate and Kind? Are you imaginative and creative? Are you someone who prides themselves on reliability, trustworthiness and commitment? Are you a motivated person, with energy and a little time to spare for very worthwhile causes? Are you passionate about helping to make a difference in someone’s life? Can you work well as part of a team, but are not afraid to use your own initiative? Do you have any skills that might benefit someone else? 

If you can answer yes to any of the above...WE NEED YOU TO JOIN OUR TEAM! 

CentrePeace, a people centred project in the heart of “old” Paignton is looking for volunteers to really help improve our service to the community. 

Get in touch now if you think you can help! 

56 Palace Avenue, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 3HF. Charity number 1150049
Telephone: 01803 550720
Mobile: 07884 098327
Email: info@centrepeace.org.uk

<![CDATA[Peace Rhino!]]>Sat, 16 Jul 2016 12:52:23 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/peace-rhinoPicture
Introducing the CentrePeace Peace Rhino!  This fantastic piece of art was completed by Nik, a visitor to the Centre, James, leader of our Art for Relaxation Group and several other volunteers.  The side pictured here was completed by Nik who, tragically, has passed away since it was completed.  Our love and thoughts are with his family and we are so very grateful that he gave so freely of his time and effort to help create this.

This is the side completed by James and other volunteers.  Aren't we lucky to have such talent in our midst?!
On 29th July, the Herald Express will be publishing where all the rhinos will be located.  In October they will be spending a few days at the zoo and Babbacombe Model Village, then 'Reggie' will be coming home to CentrePeace.

<![CDATA[Christmas Eve Party]]>Sat, 02 Jan 2016 14:17:12 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/christmas-eve-partyPicture
A great time was had by all!  The party was open to all our volunteers and regular visitors - and anyone who happened by on the day!  Sarah and the kitchen staff put on a wonderful buffet and we were so lucky to have local, professional songstress, Leah Millman, to provide some wonderful live entertainment.  Some of the volunteers took up the challenge and gave us a song or two aswell.  Hats off to Tracey (cafe volunteer), Dennis, D and Ben for helping to make the occasion memorable!

<![CDATA[HAPPY NEW YEAR!]]>Sat, 02 Jan 2016 14:02:12 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/happy-new-yearPicture
The New Year has arrived and we hope that it is full of positive experiences and bright blessings for all.
We had a fantastic Christmas, here at CentrePeace.  Some of our volunteers worked extraordinarily hard to get our Christmas Hampers out to local families who needed a bit of extra help.  Many thanks to you all.  I won't mention all names here - but you know who you are!
Thank you, too, to all the donors who enabled us to make our hamper project happen.  As well as individual donations of food and cash, a lot of businesses helped us out, too, including Waitrose, Poundland, Asda, Co-Op and Tesco.  We are so very grateful for all the help and support and hope that the hamper project will grow even bigger next year.  We even had a very generous cash donation from a local sewing group, thank you.

Here are Tracey and Alexis, receiving the cheque from Waitrose staff.  Thank you, Michael, for organising the green token collection - and thank you averyone who put their token in our box!!

The local Co-Op also helped out and, in fact, have been helping us all year with donations of fresh foods.

<![CDATA[A Work (of art) in Progress!]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 12:19:49 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/a-work-of-art-in-progressPicture
Pawo loves to get projects up and running on his visits to Paignton - or progress ones that he's started on earlier visits!  Here he can be seen working on a fabulous, funny and 'busy' painting that he and Pauline (our volunteer shop co-ordinator, who is very 'arty') have been doing for some time.  Members of the art therapy group also join in and, by the time it's finished, there will be so much in it that I am sure that we will be looking at it for months and still see something new each time!  Keep a look out - it will be on the wall in the cafe or shop before too much longer!

<![CDATA[Copper Mountain!]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 12:04:47 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/copper-mountainPicture
There are lots of people who don't like to be weighed down by lots of 'copper' in their pocket or purse.  If this sounds like you - please bring them along to CentrePeace!
Pennies soon turn into pounds and pounds can make a lot of difference.  We hope to get to the point, for instance, where donated pennies will pay the gas or electric bill.  The more we can pay our own bills, without relying on outside  funding, the more we can be sure to be here for the long term.  We are truly a place where community helps community and we would welcome your help.  The picture shows our friend, Pawo, and Sarah, our Centre Manager, tipping some donated coins into the trunk that holds our 'mountain'.

<![CDATA[Working for PEACE]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 11:45:54 GMThttp://centrepeace.org.uk/latest-news/working-for-peacePicture
The PEACE element of CentrePeace has always been very important to us as we seek to help people find peace in their lives - with practical help or counselling or on a level of providing space for therapy groups and complementary therapies.  Now we are seeking your help to support peace on a wider scale.  There is so much going on in the world that is bringing suffering to people in so many ways, on so many levels. We can help by living in peace ourselves and also sending out positive thoughts of peace to those people suffering.  We can also help on a more practical level by providing some articles to help improve their physical comfort.  Our PEACE TABLE  (above) holds a box for donations that will be spent on warm wear for children in Syria.  We also invite people to light a candle and send their thoughts out to all those who could use extra light and peace in their lives, whether family, friends or people we might never meet but would like to send our loving support to.